MFO Swiss Elements

the multi Family Office

serving families and entrepreneurs


MFO Swiss Elements

a global vision of your assets.

By capitalizing on the skills, experience and strength of our team and partners, MFO SE assists and advises you in the consolidation and permanent monitoring of your assets. MFO SE is aimed both at entrepreneurial heritages and at family-owned companies domiciled around the world.

Located in Geneva,

MFO Swiss Elements

is a multi-family office involved

at European level

MFO Swiss Elements SA is affiliated to PolyReg, a self-regulatory organization recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

What is the Family Office? 

The concept of Family Office usually gives rise to many different interpretations. Wistavel (2004) defines the Family Office as the most sophisticated set of financial services, ranging from asset management, in the primary sense, the management of financial assets, real estate, art, as well as many other services around wealth and family life.

This structure is also defined as "an organization of persons in the service of one or more families, which offers advice to families in the exclusive service of their patrimonial interests". This concept also encompasses the preservation of family coherence in a long-term and multi-generational vision. It requires broad, multidisciplinary skills, developed internally or externally, depending on the size of the heritage andits degree of diversification or complexity.

In other words, the "family office" is a consulting and asset management company for very affluent families, providing most of the time: investment advice, philanthropic project support, patrimonial strategy, administrative and accounting support, tax advice and a multi-generational and global strategy.

MFO Swiss Elements: Experts dedicated to your strategy

An objective: to define a reactive and independent heritage strategy and to advise you on the long term. 



Based on your personal, entrepreneurial and family goals and constraints, MFO Swiss Elements' experienced teams rely on a network of international partners (lawyers, lawyers, tax experts, notaries, etc.) to optimize the management of your assets in an environment where tax and regulatory regimes are increasingly complex. MFO SE centralizes and coordinates all these stakeholders, in a transparent way, both in Switzerland and abroad

MFO Swiss Elements:

Personalized advice tailored to your situation

MFO Swiss Elements aims to find the most adapted solutions to your situation and your objectives on legal, fiscal and successoral plan.


Based on a predefined specification, the multidisciplinary teams intervene in the following areas:

Asset management: investment strategy and asset allocation, private equity, real estate / art investment consulting, asset consolidation.


Tax planning: international relocation, real estate structures, tax return, optimization, wealth planning, estate planning (donations, life insurance, marriage contracts, wills), transfer of family business (continuity of the company).


Fiduciary services: incorporation of companies, administration of companies, consolidation / Valuation of participations, property management.


Family Governance: family counseling, family charter, philanthropy, giving strategy, foundations.